When one is searching for answers to achieve optimal health and well-being, the worst thing we can do is ignore the many communication attempts by our bodies when we are not feeling optimal. 


Instead, we listen to those outside of us that may or may not fully understand what we are experiencing.  This may leave us in an endless cycle of looking for the wrong answers, which ultimately leads to failure. 



Your intuition is key to disseminating what is real for you.  Your intuition will show you what you need to do for yourself when you take the time to listen. 


Intuitive fitness is more than just making decisions on a whim.  Intuitive fitness is working with your body through the many changes it experiences on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

This inherent skill is developed when we:

  • Dedicate time in our day for exercise and quiet meditation/reflection/prayer

  • Express our creativity

  • Feed our bodies and minds with life

Remember, your intuition is a source of information that connects you to YOU.  This information is energy and according to the laws of physics, it is neither created nor destroyed -- just transformed.  Are you transforming this innate energy into something usable or are you clouding your ability with distractions and other's truths?  

What I offer is so much more than fitness or well-being.  I provide you with the ability to ultimately make decisions that empower your health and build your self-love and compassion through every stage of life.  I will teach you a foundational platform based in human physiology.  I will be right there with you in every step of your discovery.  I will support and motivate you to trust yourself using your body's signals and evidence-based information.  The rest is left in your capable hands.    


Step One: Information

This may include food tracking, journaling, listening to body signals (energy levels, digestion, state of mind, etc.) and noticing patterns.  This may also include data gathering through body measurements, taking progress pictures and medical testing if required. For those located in South Florida, I am proud to partner with the highest caliber of medical professionals such as Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Clinical Dieticians and Mental Health Specialists in which I will refer out to as needed.  

Step Two: Integration

This is the time we make a goal and put your information to work.  In this stage, we incorporate new techniques to improve one’s health.  This may include receiving a customized exercise prescription, adding more personal time and integrating any new recommendations from your health care provider.  In other words, we “establish your new base.”

Step Three: Adaptation

Expect to make adjustments as we go along in this stage to ensure your results continue.  We also go back to your original goal and reassess, providing specific time frames and streamlining plans of action to provide accountability and structure.

Step Four: Dedication

This may be one of the more difficult stages as success here completely relies on one's effort to make and keep positive lifestyle changes. It is within steps three and four that a client will spend the most time in as we will continuously monitor results and make adjustments as need be until we find your perfect rhythm.

Step Five: Actualization

This is the step where you welcome your new reality.  You understand how to best feed yourself for health, performance and every day life.  You are in a state of "flow" and you finally understand when it's time to push and when it's time to take some time out to recover.  You are finally in control!




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